Vehicle Spotlight

DESKTOP 300x120 
MOBILE 300x250

Vehicle Spotlight Wireframe Desktop Graphic

Deliverables & Specifications

VEHICLE IMAGE 600px or greater Transparent PNG (preferred) | GIF | EPS
HEADLINE Max 30 characters w/spaces
SUB-HEAD Max 40 characters w/spaces
SITE AND OEM URLS Link 1: Research & Reviews* (site specific)
One (1) click tracker

Links 2 and 3: Advertiser Defined
Text: Max 20 characters w/ spaces (each)
Two (2) destination urls
Two (2) click trackers

*Link provided by Jumpstart. Will be specific to the website the ad displays upon.
LEGAL COPY (OPTIONAL) Max 225 characters w/spaces (appears on rollover)
TRACKING 1x1 impression pixel
ASSET DELIVERY 8 business days prior to campaign launch


NOTES Jumpstart will charge client for missed delivery of reserved inventory due to late or out-of-spec creative